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  • Jan 13, 2020

The Health of Your Smile in 2020


Sounds like a simple thing to do. But is it that simple to pull off a convincing and beautiful smile without considering its foundation? Turns out that a simply beautiful smile that radiates confidence from within must be nourished and nurtured.

What does it take to build a healthy smile?

1. Consume Proper Nutrition: Food that provides the proper nutrients to the multitasking body is comparable to providing the proper super unleaded gasoline fuel to a high performance car. If we give it anything less it will breakdown sooner or later. The effects of the diet can be seen first within the mouth, teeth and gums.

Carbohydrates, which break down to sugar and acid, erode teeth. Teeth appear discolored, black or broken. Improper nutrition can also cause periodontal disease, where gums turn puffy, red and bleed. The subsequent bone loss causes teeth to spread apart, creating black spaces between the teeth and fall out with time.

2. Avoid Bad Habits: Subjecting the mouth to things that is not intended can cause deformation of its natural structure. Putting pacifiers, fingers, thumb and or chewing on objects such as pencils and pens can cause the teeth to flare out with an over bite or break. Breathing from the mouth instead of the nose can also cause the appearance of an overbite. Introduction to tabacco, smoke, or any harmful chemicals can discolor the lips and gums causing them to appear dark and irritated. Chewing tobacco will not only affect the appearance of the cheek and gums but can cause oral cancer.

3. Implement good hygiene: Practicing proper hygiene radiates a sense of confidence in our character, posture and smile. Good oral hygiene includes, flossing, brushing and cleaning the tongue. Flossing with thread floss will prevent cavities in between the teeth and prevents plaque from submerging under the gums and causing bone loss. Brushing gently with a soft toothbrush keeps the teeth shining white and bright. Cleaning the tongue with the tongue scraper keeps the breath fresh and bacteria free.

4. Visit your dentist: At KRB Dentistry we are here for your six month check up as well as anytime you need. Your smile is our goal! Following these recommendations will not only make you feel good inside and out, give you a sense of confidence with a brighter smile but make your presence a “breath of fresh air”.


Now that is something to smile about in the New Year!

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