Involvement in the Community - KRB Dentistry

We are involved in the community in many forms and it is incredibly rewarding both for the staff and the community itself. Here are some ways KRB gets involved:


Volunteering our weekends to local organizations, non-profits, or community events is a direct way to make a positive impact. This could involve activities like serving meals at a soup kitchen or participating in community clean-up projects.


Participating in Community Groups

Attending and participating in community events such as festivals, fundraisers, or town hall meetings helps foster a sense of belonging and allows individuals to contribute to the vibrancy of their community.


Giving Presentations at Elementary and Daycare Center

A dental presentation is a verbal and visual communication delivered by a dentist or dental professional to educate, inform, or persuade an audience about various topics related to dentistry. These presentations can cover a wide range of subjects, including oral health education, dental procedures and treatments, advancements in dental technology, patient care and communication, dental practice management, and more.


Hosting Events For the Community

We participate in local events and host them for the city of Rosenberg. The most recent, we hosted a Easter egg hunt to benefit, Lunches of Love. 


Overall, community involvement is essential for fostering social connections, building resilience, and creating positive change at the grassroots level. By actively participating in the community, we contribute to making their neighborhoods more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable.

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