What happens on the first appointment for exam and x-rays? - KRB Dentistry
  • Jul 1, 2020

What happens on the first appointment for exam and x-rays?

As you are welcomed into the office, you will be asked to fill out your health and insurance information ( that you have the option to download from this website and bring it into the office to expedite the process). Once your information is verified and entered into the computer, you will be asked by our friendly staff to come to the dental chair to take some radiographs that reveal the internal structure and reveal any carious activity (cavities or holes inside the teeth), periodontal disease (bone loss) or infection within the teeth or bone. At KRB we offer digital X-rays, which minimize the radiation, are faster and more comfortable to take. We also offer the panoramic full face x-rays as well as the 3-D CBCT.

The x-rays are a diagnostic tool used by the dentist to perform a comprehensive clinical oral examination. Once the dentist completes the evaluation, the dentist and the assistant go over their findings and their recommendations, the front office team will enter the proposed treatment plan and discuss the options with you. The experienced staff at KRB will discuss your issues and help you understand your needs and priorities. They will work with you in taking care of any and all issues. In most cases, same day treatment is offered.

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