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  • May 20, 2021

5 Easy Tips On How To Overcome Your Fear Of A Dentist

Dentophobia (fear of the dentist) is real. Many people refuse to get needed dental care because they are afraid of paying a visit to the dentist.

If you fall within this category of people who are scared of seeing a dentist, you should remember that your oral health is an important aspect of your overall health.

Perhaps you have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past or heard some scary stories, be rest assured that visiting a dentist can’t be that bad.

Do not allow the fear of the dentist to hold you back from going for regular clean-ups and checkups that ensure good oral health. Below are 5 easy tips to help you overcome your fear of a dentist.

  1. Find the right dentist.

The first step to overcoming your dental fear is finding the right dentist. Not all dentists understand how to treat patients who are afraid and anxious about dental procedures.

The right dentist would be understanding and accommodating. They won’t dismiss your fears, and you will find yourself comfortable while talking to them. The atmosphere around the dental center should also feel relaxing.


  1. Recognize your fear and talk about it.

You must come to terms with your fear of the dentist; there is no need to deny it or hide it. It would also help to communicate that fear to your dentist.

Having a good relationship with your dentist can go a long way in helping you deal with your anxiety or apprehension. Being vocal about how you feel from the onset will help your dentist understand your situation better and plan a dental treatment strategy specifically tailored to your needs.


  1. Take a companion along for your appointments.

Nothing soothes pain and relieves fear as much as having someone that offers comfort around. It is okay to visit the dentist with a friend or a family member for additional support and assurance.

However, it would be best if your companion isn’t also afraid of the dentist. It would make little sense to have someone who shares similar fears as you go for the appointment with you as they might not be able to offer that much-needed assurance.


  1. Use distractions and relaxation techniques.

One way to take your mind off things during the dental procedure is to use distractions. You can try things like counting to yourself, having your companion read out your favorite novel to you, listening to music, or watching a video comedy.

You can also try relaxation techniques such as controlled breathing to help you stay calm during the treatment. Taking a deep breath and breathing out slowly can help calm your nerves.


  1. Work with your dentist to find an appropriate sedative.

You might talk to your dentist about using a sedative, and if it is appropriate, they would surely approve of it.

Sedatives are typically administered to keep patients relaxed and calm during medical treatment. Sedatives could be in the form of nitrous oxide, local anesthetic, and oral or IV sedation.


Take away

Dental treatments nowadays have advanced compared to what was attainable a few years ago. Now, dentists understand people better and seek ways to help people overcome their dental fears. One of the ways dentists have achieved this is by minimizing pain during treatment. Now, you have more reason not to dread a visit to your dentist.




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